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My UPA service award

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Yes, I got an award from UPA last week at the annual conference. Thanks for all of your kind words and congratulations. A few people missed the ceremony and later said they would have showed up for it - I did not tell very many people, just the way I am. For all of you that missed it, here are some pictures.

Keith waiting to get the award from Thyra Rauch
Waiting to get the award from UPA President (and fellow IBMer) Thyra Rauch, with conference chair DeeDee DeMulling seated.

Keith celebrating the award
Celebrating the award! (a bit blurry, I think Whitney the photographer was laughing too hard to hold the camera still).

And here is the award itself:

Keith's UPA service award
"UPA Usability Service Award is awarded to Keith Instone...for your leadership and tireless work in creating the first World Usability Day, and your innovative work on the event web sites. 2006"

There you have it - nice to get the recognition, but it was all worth doing without any award. Even better than the award was seeing long-time friends and making new ones at the conference. Oh yea,I actually attended a few sessions while I was at the conference - I will blog those later.


Congrats Keith; if this is the first award for community service you've received, it surely won't be the last!

Thanks. I got an ACM SIGCHI Distinguished Service Award in 1998. (I also got a CHI 98 service award that year.) So I guess that makes 2 User experience-related professional societies down and 8 or more to go. Watch out AIGA, ASIS&T, HFES, IAI, IGDA, IIID, IxDG, STC, etc.: here I come!

I'm looking forward to international Keith Instone day! :-)

UPA issued this press release about my award: UPA Recognizes Volunteer Leaders: Richard Bellaver, Keith Instone, UPA China Chapter.

By chance, Richard Bellaver is also from my neck of the woods: next state over, Indiana.

I do want to point out the "unsung hero" part of the award. There were LOTS OF OTHER PEOPLE who helped make World Usability Day a success in 2005. Elizabeth, Whitney, HFI, many, many others. But I guess they had more formal roles, so they were the "sung heroes".