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Universal usability

Fixing computer science with web science

In the June 2007 Communications of the ACM (Vol 50 #6), Ben Shneiderman has a "Viewpoint" article that hits close to home. "Web science: A provocative invitation to computer science," subtitled "Here's how it can awaken computer science to the interdisciplinary possibilities of the Web's socially embedded computing technology."

Innovation for everyone

One of the US home page features this week is Innovation for everyone. Instead of building a world which people (are forced to) adapt to, let's have the world adapt to human differences and special abilities.

Usability Engineering an Accessible Web

Short presentation that was part of the FedWeb '98 Seminar on Universal Access, July 7, 1998, Washington, DC.

Goal: People accessing Information and Services

User Interface Hurdles

Usability Viewpoint on Accessibility

  • Accessibility one aspect of usability
  • Understanding users, tasks
  • Disabled only part of audience for accessibility
  • Techniques to make it easy to use can also be used to make it accessible

Example: "The Online Disabled"

Some groups of users "behave disabled" online:

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