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UI Smackdown, Ann Arbor, April 4

I am not affiliated with this, have no idea who the group is that is putting this on (SRT Solutions), but if you are a local programmer, it looks like a good way to learn about some of the latest toolkits - with a focus on the end user experience it will help you design for.

User Interface Smackdown 2007
Join SRT for a day of exploration with new toolkits for developing user interfaces.

This forum will include an overview of Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Google Web Toolkit (GWT), and Adobe's Flex.

The Open Spaces format will allow attendees to specify the afternoon's content and direction, taking full advantage of the experts in attendance.

Participants will be able to engage in group discussions of specific technical challenges and write test code in order to gain a fundamental understanding of these technologies.

This forum will benefit software developers, technical decision makers, senior engineers and architects. By providing the opportunity to experiment with these new toolkits, you will see how you can create compelling user experiences for your users and customers, which will be a key differentiator for software offerings in coming years.

Cost for the event is $75 before March 26, or $90 after March 26 (and at the door, if space is available)....

I believe the event is April 4th - but it would be nice if the date was listed on the registration page. (^: If you go, leave a comment on how it went. And I really like the fact that they list the local "Groups we work with" on the side.


After a little more poking around, I found a better page that describes the Smackdown - with the date.

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