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Sher Taton on Corporate blogging

Sher Taton has started a blog on how blogging and other Internet tools are changing corporate marketing. Of course, I had to comment on IA and UX there - sorry, just could not resist.

Sher is with IBM's corporate interactive marketing. I have been on a few calls with her regarding solutions and On Demand Business on

August 20, 2005 update: Sher deleted her original blog entry and thus my comment. Now I wish I had saved a copy. If I recall correctly, Sher was wondering about technical issues, like if the corporate blog should be appear to be an internal service (corporate URL) or be clearly associated with an external service (like My comment was to point out this was not really a technical question but a branding one. Do you want your corporate blog to appear "part of the system" or purposely "outside the corporate walls"? Also, there are large information architecture implications. Do you want your blog isolated from the rest of your site, or tightly integrated? What do you want the user experience to be? The answers to those questions should drive your technical decisions. [end update]


Didn't mean to delete anything... As you may know, doesn't allow trackbacks... I was trying to add trackbacks to my blog with the use of "Haloscan". When I added the Haloscan trackback capability on Aug 2, it sadly deleted all my prior comments. I think the blog entry you referenced above is there just not the comments. Sorry.

Thanks for the update, Sher. Now I see the original post: Blog Strategy Hosting blogs on company site or 3rd party site.

I use for the UXNet blog, but I am not happy with it either.

As for my lost comment, I probably re-wrote it here better than I stated it on your blog in the first place.