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The Platform Lab is coming to Toledo. Based in Columbus, the Platform lab... the nation's only non-profit information technology test and training facility. We provide organizations in Ohio and across the nation with the complete means to conduct a variety of IT test projects and increase the quality of their applications, organizations and people without investing in expensive short term assets.

Their Toledo facility will be at the University of Toledo's Health and Science campus. I do not think the "grand opening" has happened yet, but the CIO Forum of Northwest Ohio was planning on visiting in December.

It looks like they support a broad set of IT events across the state. The latest newsletter lists one that jumped out at me:

User Experience is the Key to Unlocking IT's Value: Learn how to deliver Superior End-User Experience and IT Value through Proactive Application & Network Management. IntelliNet, Compuware Corporation and Platform Labs will be hosting a seminar to discuss proactive end-user monitoring and its benefits to the bottom line.

The event is happening in 2 parts of the state:

  • Columbus, January 31, Platform Labs/TechColumbus
  • Cleveland, February 1, IntelliNet's HQ office

I am looking forward to having the Platform Lab active in our corner of the state. Perhaps we could get NWOACM added to their list of community partners and have Toledo be a stop for their next user experience event.


Got this via email yesterday:

Due to unforeseen circumstances we need to cancel the Platform Labs/Compuware/IntelliNet Columbus seminar scheduled for tomorrow afternoon (1/31). However, we would like to extend an invitation to deliver the same presentation we were intending on presenting at the seminar at your office for you and your team(s). We are very sorry for any inconvenience.

Here is the Contact form for IntelliNet if you are interested in your own presentation. (I have invited them to talk in Toledo.)