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UX Shop Talk

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I am giving a talk on Thursday (3/26) at the Mad Ave Collective, part of their Shop Talk series. My topic is "User experience concepts, skills and methods for strategic creatives".

My basic agenda:

  • My life as a User Experience Freelance Consultant
  • Who we are: Strategic Creatives
  • UX Concepts, Skills & Methods that you can use to do your current job better
  • How to "learn me some of that UX"

Links to things I plan to mention:


Jessica Miller tweeted from my talk, and phrased several things better than what I actually said. Below are her slightly-cleaned up tweets. Thanks, Jessica!
  • Shoptalk with Keith Instone @MadAveCollect. Topic: user experience. UX
  • Follow along with @keithinstone's UX shoptalk at
  • Customer experience mapping can track how users interact w/ your info from research to purchase, putting your team on the same page.
  • UX design is both a creative & strategic profession.
  • Empathy is at the heart of UX. We have to understand how people feel.
  • Core creative skills for UX are storytelling, sketching
  • Other core UX skills: study context/usage, organization, micro/macro details, content flow, layout, color, copy and more.
  • Making good UX happen for your business takes marketing, IT, sales working together
  • UX takes research and testing, too.
  • Check out for details about UX Toledo
  • Q: What's the price range for a UX evaluation on a website, for example? A: it depends.
  • A: You can use people in your target demo to test it for free, 1k in testing to comp participants to test, full-on testing 5-10kish.
  • A: payroll option, too. Hire someone who specializes in UX full or part time.
  • A: UX testing is directly tied to increases in revenue. so investment is worth it to the bottom line.
  • Q: Best practices for UX? A: form, function, design best practices all tie in.
  • A: Your business goals will help you decide where and how much to invest in UX over time.
  • Q: How do you recruit a sample of target demo for focus group & testing?
  • A: Focus group databases exist but working from your known set of customers or people like them will give you better results.