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Frontiers in Service

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A bunch of IBMers are at the Frontiers in Service conference in San Francisco this weekend. (Not too surprising, since IBM Research/SSME is a sponsor.) The eBrochure has an overview; the full program is a PDF. The topics being presented (and co-presented) by IBMers:

  • Measuring Information Relevance in Services
  • Meeting the Challenges of Service Science Management and Education in the New York City Area: An Inter-disciplinary Initiative
  • Information-Driven Service Systems
  • Comparative Analysis of the Russian IT Services Market. Scenarios, Tendencies and Recommendations
  • Bringing Services Theory and Methods to Online Service Applications
  • Lessons from a Service Innovation in the Consulting Industry
  • Component Business Modeling for Effective Enterprise Risk Management,
  • Virtual Service Delivery Centers
  • Service Excellence in Government: A Constituent-Centered Model
  • Servicing for the Future
  • ProACT: A solution for Automatic Customer Satisfaction Analysis and Business Intelligence in Contact Centers
  • Model-based Business Transformation for Engineering Services
  • Challenges and Models of Workforce Scheduling for Delivery Center Based IT Support Services
  • Increasing Efficiency of Call Handling Service using Cross-Border Knowledge Search
  • Estimating Value in Value Networks: A Case Study from Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Using Organizational Simulation to Support Service Business Transformation
  • Understanding Service Innovation Ecosystems
  • Designing and Building Technology Enabled Service Systems: Challenges and a Solution Framework -- Two Case Studies
  • Modeling Productivity and Performance Growth in Labor-based, Custom Services Firms
  • Towards Services Innovation in Japan
  • Leveraging your IT Investment using Business Intelligence (Panel)
  • Service Innovation and Company Profit (Panel)

Jim Spohrer invited people to attend, but I do not see anyone live-blogging from the event. I will keep my eyes open for summaries that get posted. If you spot any news from the conference, please leave a comment and a link to what you found.


PDFs of the presentations from the conference are now online.