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Faceted browsing

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I did 2 presentations about faceted browsing in 2004.

July 8, 2004, "Faceted Browsing - How User Interfaces Represent and Benefit from a Faceted Classification System", SOASIST meeting, Dayton, Ohio.

  • Discover what is "faceted browsing" and other Web-focused terms for old ideas
  • Dissect faceted browsing examples from IBM,, MSN, Forrester and others
  • Discuss faceted browsing research questions about user interface design, information architecture and faceted classification systems

February 28, 2004, "Fun with faceted browse", IA Summit 2004, Austin, Texas. Introduced the term to the IA community (and there turned out to be a whole series of presentations on this same topic).

Selected slides from the presentation (click for larger version)

Top, middle and destination pages dissected

IBM finder dissected

Flamenco dissected

MSN dissected

DC2003 dissected

Forrester dissected dissected


You may be interested in this paper on faceted browsing and retrieval. Allen, R.B., Retrieval from facet spaces, Electronic Publishing, 247-257, 8, 1995