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IA around the world: September 30 - October 1

The weekend of September 30th and October 1st will be a big one in the Information Architecture world:

  • EuroIA is having its 2nd European summit in Berlin, Germany
  • Oz-IA will be the first "down under" conference/retreat on IA, in Sydney, Australia

Perhaps there could be some sort of video hook-up between them? Or at least some internet conference / live chat during the hours when both sets of attendees are awake and coherent? Using this meeting planner for Berlin and Sydney, the best time appears to be:

  • 9am Saturday morning in Berlin is 5pm Saturday evening in Sydney

The Aussies could end their first day by helping the Europeans kick off their first day.

Depending on how late people would be up (drinking?), there are other possible times. But could the 2 events sync up?