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Bridget van Kralingen on "relationship fidelity"

IBM Global Managing Partner Bridget van Kralingen (not "von" as her name was originally spelled) is quoted in Inside 1to1 concerning "relationship fidelty": making sure your day-to-day customers' experiences are actually in line with the high-level brand promises.

It is a challenge to have deliver on behalf of the IBM brand, that is for sure. An extremely fun and rewarding challenge.

Her call to measure integrity, empathy, and trust (and not just efficiency, speed, relevance) are in sync with the recent user experience movement to pay more attention to emotion in design.

I also like her point about direct customer insight, instead of relying too much on indirect data.

I am a little confused about deciding when marketing and when operations make the final call. Are more than just those 2 groups making decisions? This seems pretty black-and-white: who is in charge of the grey area in between? Let's make the final call based on customer needs, which trump marketing and operations, no?