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Mysterious UX Management

I think many would agree there is a lot of mystery around how to be an effective manager of a user experience team in large companies.

This new blog - uxm - looks like it will try to address the enigma, with initial posts on being scientists, lobbyists and analysts.

But at this point, the blog only adds to the mystery. Who is this person? What job roles are included on the team? What about non-web experiences? What company are they at? According to the (free) 2005 list, one of these "Fortune 5" is the employer of our secret author:

  1. Wal-Mart
  2. Exxon
  3. GM
  4. Ford
  5. GE

With IBM #10 on the list, at least I know that my manager is not behind this.

Will this person ever reveal themselves? Will some investigative soul be able to expose them? Oooh, how thrilling the mystery should be. (^: