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Jakob likes too

Angelo K. on our team just found this interview with our VP Lee Dierdorff that includes comments on from Jakob Nielsen:

The site has deep information, as required by these highly complex IT products. And yet, as you move around the huge number of pages, the page design stays consistent, with a standardized navigation system encompassing global options, a local menu, cross-references to related links and nice breadcrumbs that make it easy to move to a higher level of the site. Even though it looks easy, it takes a lot of work to make the various divisions of a huge company comply with such design standards, but it's required in order to present one face to the customer.

How we accomplish this with design standards was the topic of my talk at the Internet user experience conference earlier this week. If/when I get clearance to share that presentation more widely, I will let you know.

More Jakob/IBM connections: Jakob included the IBM home page in his book and he used to work in our research division long ago.