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IBMers at the IA Summit?

Which IBMers (or former IBMers) are attending the Information Architecture Summit in Vancouver in late March?

So far:

I will be there - who else? How about an IBM gathering? There were 7 of IBMers last year!


Looks like Lada is no longer presenting at the IxD symposium - but it still looks interesting!

Finding people who are from IBM at a particular conference is always a daunting task. Having spent a few years at IBM, I was always surprised when I ran into people from Toronto, San Jose, or Austin at random events or conferences. Best of luck!

Hi Keith, Sign me up. Drop me a line and we'll figure something out.

I am still presenting at the Summit, just on a different subject :-) Yes (loud) to an IBM gathering. Please get in touch. As to tracking IBMers at conferences: starting next issue, monthly IBM UX Newsletter will have a permanent "Meeting corner" column where you can post a call for f2f when going to conferences. Too late for the Summit, but keep in mind for other gatherings (I will try to coordinate CHI in Montreal in April).

Ok, in case there are any other IBMers coming to the Summit - we are meeting for lunch on Monday. Wait outside the dining area and look for other IBMers - you should be able to tell who we are.

Maria Arbusto and Sarah Goldman are here at the Summit, too: yeah! And more folks from the Vancouver Innovation Center - Melissa Chua and Eniko Rozsa.

Sorry for not meeting up for lunch today. Next year, though. I hope everyone had a great time. It was a lot of fun this year. - Sarah Goldman

Who will be attending the CHI2006 conference in April?

Hi, just wondering if there will be any IBMers that will attend chi2006? Thanks!

Erin Malone took our picture after our IBMer lunch. Thanks Erin!