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ACM Chapter Workshop - November 19, Chicago

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On Saturday, November 19th, I spent the day with other ACM local chapter leaders. We met with ACM staff and talked about how we can work together better. I guess it was an historic event - it has been over a decade since ACM staff and local leaders had gotten together. I was there representing ACM's newest revitalized chapter, NWOACM.

Local chapters and their representatives:

ACM representatives (staff and volunteers):

  • John White, CEO
  • Pat Ryan, COO
  • Lillian Israel, Director of membership
  • Terry Coatta, Chair, Membership services board
  • Steve Teicher, Membership services board
  • Wayne Graves, Director of Information Systems
  • Lauren Ryan, Local activities coordinator

I'll have to go thru my notes later and summarize, but one thing that struck me was that several of the things we local leaders were asking ACM (wikipedia) for were already available in some form. We just did not know about them, could not find them, or they were too hard to use. Let me point out a few of them in the short term just to help us all see what ACM is already doing to help local chapters.

Stay tuned for more, especially after the final report is issued.


Sounds very interesting. I live in Whitehouse and would like to know more local people who are passionate about usability/accessibility.

Hi Mark - your best bet locally is to stay in touch with NWOACM. Usability and accessibility will be topics we cover, among many others. There is nothing focused on just those topics in the area yet, but NWOACM would welcome your participation.