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About me

Hi, I am Keith Instone. (Google me, Follow me on Twitter)

I live in Toledo, Ohio (Maumee, technically). Grew up in Bowling Green. My LinkedIn profile is a good way to learn more about my professional activities (in addition to the rest of this site).

I have nothing to do with Instone Nutrition, but sometimes when I am speaking in public, people mistake me for Sly (just kidding of course).

If you want to email me, you can use this formula: my first name followed by the current year, at this domain. So was my email address a while ago - it no longer works. If you cannot figure out this year's working email address, then I do not want to hear from you. (^:

I shut down this site over the summer of 2011 since I was not taking care of it. I upgraded the back end, did other clean ups (like not using the term "Experienceologist" any more). The site is back in 2012: expect some content to be added once again.