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Nametagging at Nexus for Change

Reporting from the Nexus for change conference. First activity was what I would call nametagging - where you add labels to your name tag to classify yourself and help start conversations.

We did this at the 2006 IA Summit and I assume I will be doing it again Saturday morning at the 2007 IA Summit. The IAs like to leave a lot of extra room for the tagging, and of course we analyzed it.

I "loose" tagged myself IBM, web, UX and BGSU. We also had 3 questions to answer: What do you aspire to experience? ("Change (lame answer)", What methods do you use? ("UCD", abbreviated on purpose) and something about what your speciality is ("User experience, web"). And we had stickers and markers to spruce up our name tags: none of the stickers worked for me, so I chose this weird looking bug (since I am not sure I fit in here yet) and some sort of whale (since I hope to have a whale of a good time).

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