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Save the date: Scott McCloud at BGSU, October 24

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I do not have final details, but wanted to get the word out as soon as possible so you can start planning. Subject to change.

Who: Scott McCloud, Cartoonist and Theorist
What: Comics: A Medium in Transition
When: Friday, October 24, 2008, 6:30 pm
Where: 206 Bowen-Thompson Student Union, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio

One of the sponsoring organizations appears to be the BGSU student chapter of SIGGRAPH / Computer Arts Club. The School of Art may also be funding part of this (Todd Childers is the one who gave me the basic info - thanks Todd!).

Poking around some more, I found "The Comic Book in Popular Culture" scheduled in many rooms in the same building at the same time. Which led me to this call for participation from the Popular Culture Department. So I assume Scott's visit is part of the conference.

And checking out "Comics: A Medium in Transition" by Scott, I see these other performances:

Stay tuned for more info...


I've been getting into Comics more and more lately. I'll have to add that to my calendar.

One thing Scott has been up to is explaining Google Chrome in comic form. Maybe he will talk about this a little at BGSU next month.

And the comic has been posted to Google Books, of course.

And I wonder when/if Internet Evolution will talk about how this might change how the network is used.

I see some details about the Scott McCloud talk posted on the BGSU School of Art site. First, the Art Talks calendar lists:

Oct. 24
Scott McCloud
Comics: A Medium in Transition
6:30 pm / Bowen-Thompson Studen[t] Union, Rm. 206

And the current events calendar lists Scott as "cartoonist and theorist" and gallery director Jacqueline Nathan as a contact.

And now Scott has confirmed his visit on October 24th with a blog entry - BGSU is next up after Buffalo, and before Miami.

NWOACM is hosting a dinner at 5pm for those who want to socialize before the Scott McCloud talk. Meet us at Campus Polleyes, 440 E. Court St., Bowling Green, OH, 43402. Hope to see you there!

McCloud was on campus at EMU for a semester a couple of years ago, and he is really a great guy and a great speaker. Definitely go to this if you can!

I really enjoyed his talk, so much that it was hard to take good notes. For now, here is my twitter feed, from first to last.

  • Arrived at scott mcclouds talk
  • mccloud 5 choices: moment, frame, image, word, flow
  • mccloud: single unbroken reading line was ruined by print, will online bring it back?
  • mccloud mentions while talking about successful mutation
  • mccloud's 4 tribes: classicist, iconoclast, animist, formalist
  • mccloud showing us nutty professors of web comics
  • mccloud the right number - - 3rd one will be done someday he promises
  • mccloud
  • mccloud taking questions. comics on cell phones. integrating sound and motion. bob horn visual language. kid friendly comics.
  • thanks scott! going over to the gallery

I only had a chance to talk with Scott for a few minutes, so we did not really get into the parallels between user experience work and making comics. I bet Scott will like Kevin's book.

I did not get good photos of Scott presenting (he got some photos of us, tho). I posted two photos from the gallery reception after his talk.

It was a great evening. Thanks to all who made it possible!

Hey Keith,

I didn't see this post a few months ago, but I helped bring Mr. McC to BG. He was actually brought in as a keynote speaker for our Comic Book Conference AND Graphic Novel exhibition. Here's the article from the BLADE. Scott and Jamal Iggle (the other Keynote) joined me for an afternoon discussion with the Bowling Green Comics and Cartooning Club where they spoke about the industry, their process, and what it took to make comics. It was great :)

Thanks for the background information, Anthony. Obviously we missed each other that night. And I missed the Blade article. See you around campus.