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A day at Kent State, April 26

I will be spending Thursday, April 26th, on the campus of Kent State University, hosted by the wonderful folks at IAKM. I will be meeting with various groups throughout the day, but at 4pm will be my main presentation, an update to my "Applying information architecture to university web sites" (first presented at CASE V). I will also be meeting with the Usability I class in the evening.

A joke term we used when planning the event was Keith Instone Day - and that term stuck. I am kind of embarrassed to have my own day at KSU, but I do like the idea where experienced professionals spend a day on a local campus and share their expertise with students (and others).

I am also on the IAKM Advisory Board. Spending a day there seems like a good way to strengthen those practitioner / researcher / educator bonds (something I think IA needs more of).

Also, Karl Fast, who I worked with at Argus, will also be on campus, as he prepares to join the IAKM faculty. With Samantha Bailey also coming, another Argus Alum, it really should be Argus Associates Day.


Hey Keith, I had a very good time attending both your presentation and the panel! It was great to discuss the value of online communities within the context of music apps and universities' environments too. Talking to smart people is always a very insightful activity ;-) I hope I won't have to wait until next-year Instone's day to talk to you again. Best regards, Thiago

It was a very enjoyable day for me at Kent State / IAKM. I took my camera, but as is often the case, I forgot to take very many pictures of the best part - the people I met. Here are 2 photos, however, of the little things that made me feel welcome.

As I entered the library, in search of the IAKM office, I was greeted with this sign.

Yes, lapel buttons. Small ones, with a Holy Grail type theme.

A copy of the slides I used for the IAKM presentation.

I did not get to cover the 2nd half well, but at least I have those written up, so you can read a little about them if you are really interested.

Hi Keith, I found your talk, as well as the Panel Discussion with Karl Fast, intriguing and inspiring. I am now considering applying to the IAKM program. Thanks! IA rocks! Sue Fensore