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Internet User Experience conference, July 26-28

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I am doing some prep for this year's Internet User Experience conference. (6th year? This "regional" conference has stood the test of time and only gets better.) I plan on being there Monday-Wednesday, July 26-28. Exactly which sessions I will attend, when I arrive/drive home, and which sessions I skip to do some IBM work while I am there is TBD, but there are 2 things I am doing for sure (panels that I am on):

The research-practice interaction panel is good because it is forcing me to go back to the CHI and IAS work from this spring, and add in newer things like Don Norman's interactions article (that just arrived in paper form).

I will also try hard to get to these sessions:

The content strategy and agile UX sessions look good. I do not know a lot about eye-tracking, so I might hit one of those sessions. Many other sessions are interesting, but it will depend on my work schedule, or if I am in the middle of a good conversation in the hallway, etc. (One more: UPA's Usability Body of Knowledge (BoK) project, if I can stay that late on Wednesday.)

I hope you can make it to the conference as well! If you are a user experience professional in the Toledo/Detroit/Ann Arbor area, there is no excuse for missing this great event.


Hard to believe it's been six years since Dave started the IUE conference. This year's lineup is stellar! Sorry I won't see you this year, it's the first time I'll miss the conference in five years. Hope you can make it to the BoK session Wednesday evening.

I listened to the podcast about IUE 2010 yesterday. Now I am more excited about going!

I am posting more details about the IUE 2010 panel on Research-Practice Interaction over at the wiki we started for the CHI 2010 workshop. This includes some simple slides to help guide the discussion and an overview of the panelists "position statements".

After the panel, I plan on posting some notes about what we talked about to help the larger discussion going.