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IBM tagging

IBM's ThinkPlace and Dogear are both mentioned in CIO magazine's The Name Game: "tagging tools let users describe the world in their own terms as taxonomies become folksonomies."

Lou and Thomas are also quoted.


Dmitry reminded me of another article on tagging that focuses on Dogear (on the IAI members list) - Social Bookmarking in the Enterprise, ACM Queue vol. 3, no. 9 - November 2005, by David Millen, Jonathan Feinberg, and Bernard Kerr, IBM.

Thomas Vander Wal points out on the IAI members mailing list that there is another reference to add. Fringe Contacts: People-Tagging for the Enterprise by Stephen Farrell and Tessa Lau, from the Collaborative Web Tagging Workshop at the WWW 2006 conference. Thanks, Thomas!

I missed CHI 2006 this year - and I just discovered that Dogear was presented in the Social computing session. "Dogear: Social bookmarking in the enterprise" by David Millen, Jonathan Feinberg and Bernard Kerr.

Another article about Dogear, this one entitled Fetch!, from Think Research, articles from IBM's research labs.