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IBM consults on local economy

News of IBM's Plant location engagement with the Regional Growth Partnership, our local economic development organization, has hit the headlines (upper-left story on page 1 of today's Toledo Blade).

I first learned of this in June in the Toledo Business Journal. Good to hear that it has progressed enough to make the Blade. Report due in October.

Note that I have no IBM inside information about this project - I am just a local resident who is excited that his employer will help his children get decent jobs in the area some day.


Well it seems like a good idea at first to go to the experts with the models put together already. At the same time it seems like there should be some sort of organization within Toledo that they could have gone to to spend all this money on. If we are worried about this brain drain then we need to give employment opportunities for high research to the people in Toledo not the ones in Brussels. Though I'm glad that they are seaking help using a method that is not just speculation. I hope that they are spending these 100s of thousands of dollars well. Of course RGP is a private organization and they can spend their money however they want to.

I found 2 more articles about the IBM/RGP engagement: