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IBM ITG likes Drupal

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I have been using Drupal for over 3 years now - this site is built with it, we built the World Usability Day 2005 site with CivicSpace (which is based on it). I used it for the Computer Science HCI class I co-taught in the spring. And so on. I have also used it a few times on "concept sites" - in a weekend I can install, set-up and populate a mini-site to show a concept (I take the concept site down later). Drupal is an awesome piece of software.

The buzz now (at and is the first part of an IBM developerWorks series Using open source software to design, develop, and deploy a collaborative Web site by Alister Lewis-Bowen, Stephen Evanchik and Louis Weitzman (all senior software engineers in IBM's Internet Technology Group). The article causing the excitement:

Part 2: Design for an effective user experience is about the design process for this fictitious web site. More articles specific to Drupal are coming up next in the series.

So hurrah for Drupal - this is yet another high-profile example where Drupal was chosen over its competitors. To be precise, however - "IBM" did not choose Drupal, just 3 guys in our Internet Technology Group chose Drupal. That does make at least 4 IBMers who like Drupal, and I am sure the numbers will keep growing.

If any IBMers who are interested in Drupal make it this far in my blog entry, they are welcome to join me in a Drupal group I just created for IBMers.


I've heard some good stuff about Drupal.
I was first exposed to it here: on the "Inside the Net" podcast.

Just curious can I put HTML into these comments?


"This week in Tech" is indeed one of the high profile sites that use Drupal. Their site redesign went live earlier this month.

And yes, you can use some HTML elements in your comments. I tweaked the settings to make that clearer.

Yeah looks a lot better then it did before. I'm very interested in drupal. I've got a site for Toledo Triangle Fraternity Alumni that I've got to put together, and drupal is starting to look like a good idea. I'm going to have to look at installation instructions. Think I could get a site up in less than a week just working on it in the evenings starting from scratch?


Greetings - your posting caught my eye as I am out looking for a drupal developer to bring on to our company. I was curious if you knew of any pool of talent of drupal designers. Great bit on Drupal by the way. I'm the Creative Director for an Open Source company, far from a developer ( we joke that I am the only right brain in a sea of left brains! ) but I adapted to Drupal so fast, so well - and we love it. I'm messing with Mambo and Joomla but I keep coming back to Drupal. This is also why I want to bring someone on board to focus just on Drupal as we are offering to our clients as well. As a creative designer, the new mods for 4.7 are adding so many features - it allows me to lay out the site more like a traditional site and less like a blog, while still keeping the blog features where needed. I love it!

Anyway - if you do know of any Drupal designers/developers that would be great. If not, I will certainly drop by from time to time. Have a great day!