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IBM Joins User Experience Race

I remember reading this back in May, but I guess I never blogged it back then. Better late than never: IBM Joins User Experience Race. Quotes from Mike Rhodin, Lotus, and their commitment to user experience. Too bad there were not quotes from the many other parts of IBM that are also racing for the UX checkered flag.


In reading the eWeek posting Mike Rodin's comments, I kept on remembering back to the "IBM Multiples Program" that originated out of Atlanta in the late 1980s. This program focused on the implementation phase of large projects that were rolling out applications to 5 or more locations. Testing the user experience with the application (code, hardware, documentation, training and physical lay-out) was a key component of that program. After running through that program, a number of customers actually setup useabiity labs of their own. "What goes around, comes around" .... again and again and again