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IA Summit report on what matters

Did not have any energy to blog during the IA Summit. Have lots of notes to go thru and share. But I want to do 1 quick posting on the one part of the conference that matters most.

The people who are more than just colleagues and professional contacts.

My highlights:

  • Argus family (the bonds are as strong as ever)
  • Being mentioned in Jess's emotional 5-minute madness. I am a very proud "older brother."
  • Being there to help Lou with his UX Zeitgeist demo and discussion. Worked together seemlessly like old times.
  • Kent State crew
  • Brian and Lincoln, two IBMers who hunted me down to introduce themselves
  • The folks who brought their kids, reminding us what matters more than work

And of course, seeing folks I had not seen in a year. And meeting new people.

I will report on the less important stuff later - what was presented, what I learned.

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