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IA research

Establishing a research agenda for information architecture.

HICSS minitrack: Ideal for IA research

In the week following the IA research panel, I have uncovered a few more things of interest. First and foremost, I found a good place to publish your IA research. Check out the blog for people interested in contributing to the HICSS-40 minitrack on Using Information: New Technologies. The blog is being used to help coordinate the submissions for the conference.

The call for participation lists many beloved IA topics, like social tagging, content analysis, search and access mechanisms, and use of rich media. "Media literacy" - that sounds like a key item to go into the IA Research Agenda.

I think this will be a great venue for IA issues. I must admit, however, that I have never attended HICSS. It is 40 years old, but I have not looked at the proceedings much in the last decade. I am pretty sure it is one of those "every one who attends has a paper" conferences (which is fine with me). Back when I was doing research in the early 90's, I recall some decent papers from this event - not as high quality as some other conferences. With Dan Russell and Jonathan Grudin organizing this minitrack of papers, then I am sure these papers will be good.

I see lots of other things of interest to information architects. The mini-track on Using Information is part of the Digital media track with other minitracks like information retrieval and search effectiveness. There are also parts of other tracks on HCI, socialware, semantic web and many knowledge management topics. There will be lots to keep an IA engaged.

June 15, 2006 is the deadline to submit. I plan on submitting something myself, if I can get the OK to travel. Hawaii in January sounds too good to be true!

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IA Summit research panel

I participated in the panel "Setting the IA research agenda" at the IA Summit in Vancouver yesterday. Great talks by the panelists (of course), but more importantly, excellent participation from the audience and a good birds-of-a-feather at the end of the day. See my presentation, background information, and other notes.

In a few years, will this panel be seen as an important kick-off to an IA research agenda, or will it be seen as just another event where we talked about "IA research" but did nothing about it?

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Information Architecture Research Agenda

I participated in the "Setting the IA Research Agenda" panel on Saturday, March 25, 2006 at the IA Summit. Here is an overview of my points, with links to background information I compiled in prepration for the panel, as well as some of my notes. A copy of my presentation is attached below.

Fellow panelists: Don Turnbull (panel organizer), Peter Morville, Jamie Blustein.

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Hypermedia Research and the Web Workshop

The Hypermedia Research and the World Wide Web Workshop was held at Hypertext '96 in March of 1996. The overall purpose of the workshop was to set the stage for better communication between the hypermedia research community and the Web development community. Below is information about the workshop and some of the results of it.

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