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If you are a Toledo-area game designer, you have two choices next week for driving a few hours to world-class events in the region.

You can drive a few hours north to Michigan State to attend Future Play, October 13-15. Of note:

  • Sex and Gender Issues in Games
  • Game Design and Development Curriculum in Academia
  • Experiences, Stories and Video Games
  • Understanding and Enhancing the Players Experience
  • Using improvisational acting to shatter disciplinary boundaries

Or, you can drive a few hours south to Shawnee State to attend the Shawnee Conference 3.0 for Interactive Digital Technology, October 14. A few topics from the conference:

  • Gaming & Simulation: Serious Business
  • Ben's Game, a free video game where the player fights cancer cells
  • Game Research and Immersive Design

Both look interesting - send me a trip report if you go!


I am into gaming recently and I am very interested at the events you have metioned. Right now I am developing a PC game, which is more like Resident Evil. I hope to launch it by February next year. However, I am looking for a gaming company that will finance my project.