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Day 1, afternoon, raw notes, Emergence conference

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Todd Wilkens: The end of products

  • Eastman: the camera as an entrance to a service (the factory does the rest).
  • "Everything is part of an ecosystem" - not profound anymore.
  • Embrace complexity, build empathy.
  • Products in the lab; services in the field.
  • Stage 1 - it is possible. Stage 2 - features. Stage 3 - Experience.
  • Difference between Rio and iPod: hide the complexity, service of the iTunes store.
  • Giving up control (of every piece of the experience) makes it exponentially harder. Flickr - just sits in the middle and makes it seemless.
  • Not the end of products, but the end of the product mindset.
  • Is this the end of service design (as a niche, special field)? We will be obsolete soon (because everyone will be doing it). "And I hope I never see you again either, Todd."
  • It just becomes "good design", not "a new way to design". AdaptivePath does not sell "service design" but clients understand focusing on experience, not on features. Start with "what are your problems" not on terminology.
  • Designers are good at making ideas tangible - but not only designers have that skill.
  • Are all products in fact entry points into services? Yes, but many are not fulfilling the potential.
  • Also, hang out with marketing/ad people.

Panel: Maybe we can always get what we want?

  • Ubiquitous computing and the future of services.
  • Expectations are high, lead to disappointment.
  • Unintended consequences and the dark side.
  • How can you give people what they want when they do not know what they want?
  • We have no choice, privacy is gone, just participate (e.g., have to use the iPass).
  • It is not rocket science to figure out what people do (e.g., what people do in a hotel room) - good designers have always done it the right way.
  • Declining sense of justice in the world - how can service affect this, distribution of quality of life? "Service" approach helps focus on who is using it, and that leads to good things.
  • Eliminate the broken systems, do not try to integrate as best we can.

Bettina von Kupsch: How to Become a Service Champion

  • Cultural change.
  • How to measure the quality of service?
  • 3 layers: Basics, Behavior/environment, Commitment.
  • "Wow-box" - small idea, quick way to share positive feedback from customers.
  • Employees are the key to superior service. Long-term management commitment.
  • Negative experiences with SwissComm seen as 1-off: good.
  • Touch personally to have it talked about.
  • New products are often aquisition, service is retention.
  • Isn't this just good management? What is novel? Integrated approach, not just working on 1 piece.
  • How did you get service to be so important to the company? We are Swiss.
  • If employee morale goes down, service quality will go down.
  • Looking outside theirindustry for benchmarks of good service.

Off to the Andy Warhol Museum

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