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New book arrived: Do it wrong quickly

A book arrived on my doorstep today, unexpectedly. I had not ordered anything lately.

It was Do it wrong quickly: How the web changes the old marketing rules by Mike Moran, a former manager of mine at IBM. I helped review early versions of the book and had specific feedback on the information architecture parts.

In the spirit of the book, I am blogging it wrong quickly and will do a better job later (after I have read the final version).


If you have access to Safari, you can read Do it wrong quickly online. (ACM members have access to Safari but DIWQ is not listed.)

Even without special membership, you can read the Acknowledgments where you will see:

Keith Instone helped me improve the sections on information architecture and on the future -- he was also the first to tell me that I needed to provide more examples of exactly how people can do it wrong quickly.

It was my pleasure to help in this small way.