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UX Community Survey Results, Part 1

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Back in March, I published a survey to get insights into what people in the Toledo region needed to help them create better user experiences. We have gotten 43 replies, so it seems like a good time to start analyzing the results and sharing them. This write-up will just cover the "needs" part: "ideas" results will come later. Just the data, no interpretation yet.

Before we start: who replied? I let people answer anonymously, and purposely did not ask "demographic" questions, preferring instead to keep the survey short. But here are some generic job titles of people who left their name and/or told me they answered:

  • Executives: CEO, President, Vice President, CIO
  • UX Practitioners: Web designer/developer, Usability analyst, Creative director, Interactive designer, UX designer
  • Other practitioners: Communications, Software developer, Application developer
  • Academia: Student, Instructor


We can rank each need by the number of times it was selected, out of 43, to get a sense of what people think are the most important answers to "What do you need to improve the user experience (UX) of the things you create?".

30Insights into innovative UI & interaction designs
29Knowledge of advanced UX techniques
27Case studies showing how others do UX
27Practice doing UX
25Training and formal education on how to do basic UX methods
19A UX "tribe" to hang out with, get support from
15More commitment from my clients to pay me for UX work
13Better tools for doing UX work
12Awareness and understanding of UX by others within my company
8UX talent to hire

Comments about the needs

A summary of what people typed in, edited and grouped.

What I need....

  • Inspiration and aspiration for my team
  • Real-world use cases and empirical data
  • User interface design guidelines and best practices
  • Good UX (for my app), without paying too much
  • UX value to business
  • More of ALL of this

How I want to address these needs....

  • Tell war stories with other veterans of UI
  • See UX teams in action
  • Network with people who need my services
  • Compare my practices to the work of others
  • Bounce idea off of others
  • Learn by doing

That is all for part 1. The "ideas" will be more complicated, and perhaps more interesting.


I have not fully analyzed or written up the "Idea" results from the survey, but "Arrange online webinars and virtual training" was one of the favorites, tying for the most votes for "Awesome idea, will pay $." Thus, when I learned about the May 29 Rosenfeld Summit webinar on Practical UX Tips, I thought we should look into the feasibility of doing it in the Toledo region.

Please help me determine if there is enough interest to get a "group ticket" ($479), where to hold it, and other details, by filling out another (short) survey.


I have gotten a good response to the idea of being a local "meeting room" site for the May 29 "31 UX tips" Rosenfeld Summit. Some companies have agreed to sponsor it: looking for more sponsors!

I am posting more results at instead of here.