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I joined the International Institute of Business Analysis over the summer. I forget how I heard about them, but I had not joined a "fringe" professional association in quite a long time. I was an STC member long ago, then an AIGA member. Time to join a new group for a year or two and see what I can learn from them.

Shortly after I joined, I got an email from the Cincinnati chapter that confirmed I was onto something:

You are invited to attend the Cincinnati IIBA meeting (Tuesday - June 19,2007).

Topic: Overview of tools and techniques from the user experience community that can be applied by Business Analysts to improve the quality of their requirements.

Speaker: Challis Hodge, VP of User Experience at Bridge Worldwide here in Cincinnati. Challis is incredibly knowledgeable and an engaging speaker.

I should have known that Challis would have been a few steps ahead of me (he always is). I could not make it down to Cincy on such short notice, but here it is 4 months later and I finally tracked down his presentation.

Challis explains "experience planning" and how UX people are good at it. His next-to-last slide shows the overlap between Business Analysis and User Experience.

There is a lot more to explore: his presentation seems like only the starting point. After joining IIBA, I later learned about Catalyze which is targeted at the BA and UX crowds. I do not see this presentation listed there: I guess I will have figure out how to make my first contribution to Catalyze.


Could you tell me where this article is or please email it to me if available.

As a UX designer I have been researching the crossover of BA and UX and have found the similarity so surprising. Where does BA start and UX start? I think essentially they are the same thing, at least from the concerns of gathering business objectives and user research. It seems more reasonable to think that BA techniques for research existed before and UX/UCD has borrowed them. I am now beginning to understand my interests lie in this complimentary ground of BA and UX. Particular books I have found this evident in and helpful to my understanding:

Business Analysis Techniques
Business Model Generation

Justin Jools

I am trying to find a copy of the "BA UX: A match made in heaven!" PDF. However the link on the page does not work (I get an HTTP500 error)...

Anyone has a copy available?



Because of "popular demand" (the comments left here!), Challis has dug up his presentation from 2007 and uploaded it to Slideshare. Thanks Challis! I hope that helps continue the BA-UX overlap / synergy conversation.