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Ohio World Usability Day

I decided to make a little web site devoted to all of the World Usability Day activities in Ohio. I hope this view will make it easier to see what is going on in our state on November 14th.

If you know of additional events, or a change to the existing events, leave a comment here and I will update the site. Afterwards, let me know about trip reports, photos or any other news from the Ohio events and I will include them there as well.

Finally, we have the details on the World Usability Day dinner for Northwest Ohio: 7:30pm, downtown Bowling Green, at Cucina di Betto. Hope to see you there!


Thanks for the summary page, Keith. I'd known about the OSU event, but it's nice to see everything else state-wide for the day.

World Usability Day at Resource Interactive was added this week, a lunch event you can hit before you go to the OSU afternoon affair.