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IBM Service Science feature

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The US home page has a feature on Service Science this week.

(In the past, I have written about service innovation, frontiers in service and service science in politics.)

The main angle for this IBM feature on Service Science, Management and Engineering seems to be "it is the next computer science" (not unlike web science).

A few quotes:

  • IBM helped create "computer science" as a field of study... IBM is again at the forefront of the next major trend in college and professional education...
  • We already live in a world full of service systems, with access to more and more every day. Computer science was studying something that was very rare in the world—digital computers... (Jim Spohrer)
  • Traditional courses do not integrate across discipline boundaries...It will be very important that graduates understand that an SSME focus will lead to good jobs and careers... (Lynne Rosansky)
  • It provides for an integrated framework to explore all disciplines, especially computer science and information technology... (Mohammed Ghriga)
  • ...a group of full professors starts to teach and research SSME, then they get from their faculty a recognition of their discipline, then the ministry of universities recognizes the discipline and then it is possible to get new full professors... (Guido M. Rey)
  • ...the emerging model for software engineering is to offer an ongoing service as opposed to a tangible product acquired through a one-time sale. (Aaron Quirk)

One of the items of additional reading is the Succeeding through Service Innovation white paper, which I had the pleasure of giving feedback on. I commented on various aspects of user experience that seemed to be missing. They did use one of my quotes about the relevance to business.

I think we still have a long way to go to get the next generation ready to fix all of the messes we are going to leave them, but inter-disciplinary approaches like SSME are a step in the right direction.


Catching up on some podcasts, I listened to parts of the BusinessWeek -- Innovation of the Week series and was delighted to catch an interview with Jim Spohrer about service science and the IBM/Cambridge report. Includes a discussion of the service economy, adaptive innovators, and some history behind the Succeeding though Service Innovation report.