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Emergence 2007 conference, Pittsburgh, September 8-9

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I just registered for Emergence 2007 - "Exploring the boundaries of service design." I have been reading up on various service innovation topics and I see a lot of connections with user experience. The Emergence conference looked perfect because it was within driving distance and focuses on the design aspect.

Parts of the program I find most promising are the 3 different talks from IBMers and Todd Wilkens ("the end of product design") but I am sure I will learn a lot from the whole event.

I also find it interesting that this is a weekend conference. Is it a rule that "new fields" start out with weekend conferences and then as they become more established, they hold their events during the week? All based on whether the boss will let you take time off work.

If you are also attending, leave a comment so we can meet up.


Hi Keith,

I think this is a weekend conference because it's run by students at CMU. The Design Research Conference (formerly About, With and For) at ITT is the same way. They can't shut down classes for the handful of students who are involved, and having it on a weekend gives more of the students an opportunity to attend. I'm a former CMUer so I have some sympathy there.

Also thought you might be interested in the recordings from last year's Emergence.

// jeff

That explanation makes sense. I have been to other events over the years run by students and they do tend to be on the weekends.

Thanks for the link to the recordings from last year. Reviewing the 2006 conference is on my to-do list. Based on your list of write-ups, this is what I was going to read about Emergence 2006:

Anything else good out there about last year's conference?

Hi Keith,

You might also find the following reading helpful. I've been compiling an overview of the academic papers and business articles about service design that were mentioned at last year's Emergence conference. I've recently expanded the list to include citations from a few other sources as well.

// jeff