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Location, Path & Attribute Breadcrumbs

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Attached are 2 files that I created in 2002-2003 about Location, Path & Attribute Breadcrumbs. This work on breadcrumbs was first presented as a poster at the 3rd Annual Information Architecture Summit, March 16-17, 2002.

Three Breadcrumbs Overview (280K, April 1, 2003 version) - 1-page example for each type of breadcrumb: Yahoo! for Location, Eddie Bauer for Path, Amazon for Attribute.

IA Summit Poster (550K, March 30, 2002 version) - A single PDF that includes the overview, the poster contents, and comments from attendees.


These are fantastic PDFs, thank you! I have doing some research on breadcrumbs for a new article on my web design blog. These studies have been a great help. I've been noticing that breadcrumbs are often over looked by designers. They take a minimal effort to incorporate into a design and have great benefits and payoffs. I appreciate you sharing your studies!

How can breadcrumbs (path and location) be used to protect copyright information?