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Books to read

I have more books than usual on my "need to read" shelf.

This blog entry is less for you and more for me. I need a nudge to go beyond just skimming them.

Access by design
Subtitle: "A Guide to Universal Usability for Web Designers". Appears to be a nice update to all of those "visual design meets HTML" web design books from the 90s.
Return on customer
The value of your company is determined by how happy your customers are.
Search engine marketing, Inc.
Mike Moran is amazing. Search technology meets marketing for the long haul (vs. sleazy, short-term marketing).
High performance MySQL
Most is over my head, but Jeremy is a former student of mine, so I want to see what he has written.
The art of project management
"How not to annoy people" is the first chapter I read.
The simplicity survival handbook and Simplicity
I love books that talk about UCD "from the outside". For Jensen, making things simpler to know requires us to be user-centered.
Perspectives on web services
"Perspectives" writing style is good, but end-user and UI designer perespectives on web services need to come next.
Web application design handbook
I do not do much with web apps on today, but want a reference manual for when the time comes.
Emotional design
I have heard Don talk on this topic several times, knew a used copy of the book would be worth the price.
Radical innovation
I met one of the authors at a local conference, want to read the IBM stories.


Digital web has an interview with Sarah Horton about her book that is on my need-to-read list. Maybe that will inspire me to read it!