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UPA conference

I made it to Denver this morning (6th airport in the last 5 days) and am looking forward to the UPA conference.

Some Cell Phone Owners Spurn Gadgetry

The article by David Twiddy, AP Business Writer, about cell phone simplicity is getting good distribution (Google search on "Some Cell Phone Owners Spurn Gadgetry").

I did not notice the article until I was reading my Sunday morning paper. The bagels taste better when you are reading things like:

Information experience Labs

Just noticed a few "information experience laboratories" in academia:

WBGU PBS premieres 'Return On Customer'

Catching up on email on a Saturday morning, I see I missed this from a month ago:

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My Favorite April Fool's Joke

Waterfall 2006 conference:

  • User Interaction: It Was Hard to Build, It Should Be Hard to Use
  • User Stories and Other Lies Users Tell Us
  • User Feedback: Eliminating the Main Cause of Project Overruns

Podcast about UXnet

My first participation in a podcast, about UXnet, with Tim and Tom of Design Critique.

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I was hunting for sites about "innovation" this weekend and stumbled across BusinessWeek's Innovation section. Quite literally, out of the corner of my eye, a familiar face registered in my brain...

Jesse James Garrett on Business Innovation

World Usability Day is over

World Usability Day was a big success! The web site hiccupped only a little as we maxed out at about 400 simultaneously visitors (rough count). Parts of the site were dynamic (db-intensive) and we were ready to take those features down if needed to keep the whole site running, but that never had to be done.

Press coverage was more than I expected and now we wait for the stories from each event to roll in. [broken links removed 2006-Sep-16]

I now get to relax and enjoy DUX.

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The last beer of a 36 hour day

World Usability Day has been keeping me busy. I am learning a lot about CivicSpace (see the case study).

The map is our "cool" feature but it has been a challenge getting it to work on most browsers. We are a vicitm of our own success - with so many events, the map is becoming slow.

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Tasty experiences

Welcome, Blue Flavor, four guys who list the experience economy as something they believe in. I wonder what these two guys think of this?


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