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IBMers at the UPA Conference?

I made a "last minute" decision to attend the UPA conference in Colorado in a few weeks. Like we did at the IA Summit, I'd like to meet with other IBMers while I am there. I have blogged this internally and emailed a few people who I saw on the program, but sometimes it is easier to reach you here.

Plans so far: an "IBM table" at lunch on Wednesday, June 14.

Tony Temple retires

IBM's internal UX newsletter summed it up well: "End of an Era." Tony Temple retires after 44 years with IBM. It is hard to capture what Tony has meant to the company, and to the user experience field as a whole. Here are just a few links which I have selected about Tony.

IBM tagging

IBM's ThinkPlace and Dogear are both mentioned in CIO magazine's The Name Game: "tagging tools let users describe the world in their own terms as taxonomies become folksonomies."

Magic Book audio recorder

Magic Book looks like the newest "gadget" from IBM. Some early coverage:

I did not even know we were in the "gadget" / "gizmo" business!

Jakob likes too

Angelo K. on our team just found this interview with our VP Lee Dierdorff that includes comments on from Jakob Nielsen:

IBMers at the IA Summit?

Which IBMers (or former IBMers) are attending the Information Architecture Summit in Vancouver in late March?

So far:

Jakob likes IBM's intranet

I have nothing to do with IBM's intranet, but I am happy to announce that it has won an award.

So, of course, I am obligated to provide a link to the Nielsen Norman Group Intranet Design annual report that you can buy to learn the details. And don't forget the Alertbox article for more information.

Mozilla user experience

I enjoyed this interview with Mike Beltzner where describes his start in UCD at IBM's Toronto Lab before he moved on to Mozilla to be the user experience lead.

Mike's comments about Firefox usability reminded me of Scott Berkun's note on why he switched.


I have not been tracking but a colleague (thanks Brian) just pointed out their current home page.

Screen shot of from today (click to enlarge): on November 10, 2005

Compare that with last year's home page (from way back).

Ask Frances West about the "future" of building accessibility into your business plans

Frances West, director of IBM's Worldwide Accessibility Center, is CIO magazine's October Ask the Expert. Here is the page of questions she has answered.

I wonder if my link is going to break when they realize they put this page in the 2006 directory. And Frances must be able to tell the future because it states this on the page as I write this blog:


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