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BGSU Computer Science grads return to talk

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A pair of alumni from where I earned my degrees, Bowling Green State University Computer Science, are visiting us over the next few weeks.

On March 30th, Shantanu Narayen, President of Adobe, will be on campus to talk about Web 2.0, Rich Internet Applications, and Adobe's strategy for innovation.

On March 21st, Brian Rudolph (now with Systems & Applications, UNLV) will share stories about being a Software Engineer at SEGA, the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest, and life in Las Vegas. Last year I was watching some cable show about beating the odds in Vegas and was surprised to see Brian talking about slot / poker machines.

Brian will be talking at 7:30 pm in Hayes 111. Sponsored by the BGSU student ACM chapter.

It is great to see my colleagues doing well - and even better to have them coming back to BGSU to tell us about their escapades.


Overlapping with Shantanu Narayen will be this talk - down the hall - obviously not planned in conjunction with each other -

"Going the Other Way...Balancing Homosexuality and Major League Baseball."

Come out to 217 Olscamp Hall from 2-3 p.m. on Thursday, March 30, to hear former
major league baseball player Billy Bean talk about balancing a successful baseball career
and a hidden secret about his life. In the prime of his career, Billy walked away from major
league baseball, in part because of a yearlong struggle dealing with the sudden death of
his former partner, and the frustration of holding onto that secret all alone. In 1999, after
years of living secretly, Billy came out publicly. His story was front-page news in the New
York Times. Come hear Billy share his story, which he shares so that he might "dispel the
myths and stereotypes that follow people of diversity."