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Quick notes from Alan Webber talk

Most people were scribbling down Alan's 12 TINA (There is No Alternative) questions, so I will blog them first and do other notes from the Entrepreneurial Thinking conference later.

  1. Do you have the right kind of leadership for your organization?
  2. Are you playing a bigger game?
  3. Are you getting more than your fair share of truly great people?
  4. Is your culture about teamwork or "all for yourself"?
  5. Is your corporate DNA diverse enough?
  6. Are you living inside your customers' skins?
  7. Do you know what your company's design is saying about you?
  8. Do you know what your company stands for?
  9. Is technology a cost or a way of doing business?
  10. Is your company a talk show?
  11. Are you a fast company or a slow company?

Update: Were there 12 questions or 11? I think I may have missed one. Also: Technorati tag: entrepreneurial-thinking.


Alan sent me his slides and as I did some research to learn more, he helped me with a few links to additional information. I hope you find this outline with links useful.