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Agile interview

The parade of interviews continues - I love it. Last night was one about integrating user-centered design into Agile methods with David Fox, a student of Frank Maurer. I met Frank at CASCON where we did a workshop together on the human element of Agile.

Some of the things we talked about: lo/medium/high fidelity user experience work, how our Agile UX team is working with an Agile development team (and less-than-Agile) other teams, what tools would be valuable to get the UX work better integrated, and specifically on information architecture work and Agile.


Keith, is your interview going to be available somewhere sometime? Love to see it; the topic is quite, well, hot around these parts, and there's an IBM agile conference at ARC next week. Cheers, Fred

It was more an interview for "research purposes" - where many interviews will be compiled into one aspect of David's project. So I do not know exactly what will come of it. But I will share more when I know more (and also seeing what other kind of people David may want to interview).

David's research question: Can, if, and when or when not is it possible for both Agile and Usability be integrated to spawn a hybrid methodology to perhaps circumvent some of the governing obstacles described above that limit each methodology?

If you are a practitioner and want to contribute to his research, contact him.

I was hunting around for some other Agile UX stuff, and went looking for some published version of David's work. I think this is it: Agile Methods and User-Centered Design: How These Two Methodologies are Being Successfully Integrated in Industry from the Agile 2008 conference (on the research stage).

I found a PDF version of the paper.